Video: Effects of crooked teeth - and the solution

Malocclusion (crooked teeth) effects 74% of American adults.

This often leads to periodontal disease and premature wear. This can result in headaches and even tooth loss. Preventive maintenance is usually less costly than corrective procedures. This 3-minute video explains complications associated with crooked teeth. And it also tells you about our affordable solution that thousands of adults are talking about.

Ask us about Invisalign – our non-invasive and nearly invisible solution to teeth straightening!

Why Invisalign with Health Inspired Dentistry?

  • Our Invisalign experience has been ranked #1 with our patients, always comfortable and pain free!
  • Results! Our patient outcomes are beautiful! We’re not done till the doc and you say were done☺
  • Our Invisalign patients, join us to be a permanent part of our dental family after they experience our unique holistic patient care and how our attention to detail is always our top priority.
  • Our fees will save you $ over other providers.
  • Free Whitening! Straighter and whiter teeth go together☺
  • We have been trained by one of the top providers and coaches of Invisalign in the world which enables us to take on even the very difficult smile makeovers. 
  • Average treatment times in as little as 5-12 months!
  • Getting started is easy and within a few minutes of your complimentary consultation we could tell you if you’re a candidate.

 If you want more confidence, a beautiful smile, healthier teeth and with a safe and affordable solution

Invisalign Invisible braces at Health INspired Dentistry, Cleveland, Ohio

Invisalign is a great solution for adults and teens alike and has a positive relationship to your overall health. 

Are you ready to set up a consultation?  Contact us today!

Our patients love their clear aligners and we think you will too!

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