What Our Patients Say

We are convinced you’re going to like what you see from the minute you walk in our door but don’t take our word for it!

Rayona | Cleveland, Ohio


Rayona from Cleveland reclaiming her dental health with Health Inspired Dentistry

Indigo | Cleveland, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “It was easy…a super simple process!”

Ellen | Cleveland, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “My expectations were met and exceeded”

Tracy | Cleveland, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “My experience was amazing- thru the roof!”

Karen | Cleveland, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “6 months later, I’m really happy with the outcome!”

Beth | Bay Village, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “I’m just ecstatic about how fantastic Invisalign has worked!”

Lydia | Waite Hill


“It helps my teeth get better… and it’s fun!”

Peggy | Mayfield Heights


“I just feel so good about myself!”

Tisha | Richmond Heights


“I’m feeling great! My teeth feel good, and I’m so excited!”

Nancy | Lakewood


“Dr. Claudia Minadeo-Fox was everything I heard about… and more!”

Rebecca | Mayfield Heights


“It’s amazing! There’s no sensitivity at all!”

Ron | Novelty, OH


OZONE THERAPY: “I feel no sensitivity to hot and cold anymore!”

Sharita | Twinsburg


INVISALIGN PROCESS: Follow Sharita thru her Invisalign procedures

Julianne | Willowick


“It was only 6 months! It super easy!”

Janice | Mayfield Heights, OH


INVISALIGN: “It felt like I was wearing nothing. No one knew I had braces. I didn’t have to be embarrassed because of my age.”

Maryann | Highland Hts, OH


INVISALIGN: “It was effortless, fast and no pain!”

John | Cleveland, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “They treat me like family here, and I always look forward to coming to my appointments”

Leah | Cleveland, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “I finally got my teeth straightened the way I wanted!”

Gina P.L.

June 2, 2016

Dr Minadeo-Fox and her hygienists are amazing with kids

“The entire atmosphere is relaxing. The staff is exceptional and very accommodating. Dr minadeo fox and her hygienists are amazing with kids. Highly highly recommend!!”

Sherita B.

July 30, 2019

My choice for best dentist in Cleveland

“I love my dentist! They are so friendly and kind. None of my dental work hurt ever!! Simply the best!”

Cathy CM

Dec 4, 2018

Best dentist in Highland Heights!

“Thank you Dr. Fox snd team for taking such good care of me and my family’s teeth! You are all caring and kind! Always a pleasure to see!”

Cheryl | Richmond Heights, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “I couldn’t be more pleased!” Cheryl | Richmond Heights, Ohio

Phylicia | Lyndhurst, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “It totally realigned my teeth. It restructured them!” Phylicia | Lyndhurst, Ohio

Kayla | Lakewood, Ohio


INVISALIGN: “It was quick & easy – I’m overly happy!” Kayla | Lakewood, Ohio

Ileen D.

February 10, 2016

Great dentist for adults and kids!

“excellent dental care. wonderful staff and dentist. Dr Minadeo-Fox went out of her way to help me with a dental/mouth problem (burning mouth syndrome) which my previous dentist had never heard of. I thought I knew just about everything about dental care but I have actually learned things and have been motivated to even take better care of my teeth since seeing Dr. Fox. Again, great practice. Oh, and don’t get me started about the massage and hand wax. Massage therapist excellent and very nice also.”

Elizabeth C.

February 16, 2016

Service and professionalism of the highest quality — 5 stars!

“Extremely thorough yet gentle exam and cleaning, which is saying a lot from someone who has very sensitive teeth and gums! Outstanding visit with consideration for the care of the total patient.”

Denise D.

June 29, 2016

Compassionate, talented staff

“Dr. Minadeo-Fox and her team have been caring for my family for nearly 20 years. I cannot put into words how wonderful she and her staff have helped our family in such a holistic manner. She and her team truly care about each individual they care for and since she has known me so long, Dr. Fox remembers and ask about each member of our family. We just LOVE her and all she does! Fun fact: she is the best novacaine injector I have ever had!! Her recent philosophy in providing overall health benefits, not just dental care has been a wonderful experience. They check overall health (blood pressure, medications, etc), and if you have anxiety about going to the dentist, she provides a chair massage before you are taken back! She now has an aesthetics practice as well and her skill with injections, and perfection shine through!”

Barbara B

March 22, 2016

Professional and Friendly service

“Dr. Fox’s staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their business. The Doctor makes you feel very comfortable, she’s skilled and sensitive to your body language. She goes out of her way to make sure everything is perfect with the dental care used.”


April 1, 2016

Who would have thought you’d enjoy the dentist?

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Fox for about 20 years, since I was a little baby 🙂 and I can’t say I’ve ever dreaded having to go to the dentist, like I hear most people say. I remember being a toddler and getting to choose not one but TWO toys from the big box in the back, being slightly upset when the fish mobiles were taken down a few years later, and quickly forgetting about them when chair massage/essential oils made their debut in the office. Her staff members keep you comfy and educated in the chair, the front desk ladies work wonders with you on payments and scheduling, and I have never, ever left dissatisfied. I’ve seen her office grow and endure so many positive changes, and I am beyond ecstatic for her teams’ success and what’s to come! This office is more than just dental, it’s total wellness and feels like home!

Annette P.

March 1, 2016

Dual dental visit for my son and I

“The service is always very professional from each staff member in the entire office. The team explains every detail of your care showing pictures as they go. I love this dentist… Oh and while you wait you are offered a back massage, totally complimentary. Makes the fear of dentist a thing of the past.The best dentist in town. Thank you team!”