Invisalign teeth straightening near me

Smile more with straighter whiter teeth

Now you can get the straight pearly whites you’ve always dreamed of with Invisalign. Malocclusion (crooked teeth) effects 74% of American adults and can lead to serious health problems – See our video: “Effects of crooked teeth – and the solution”.

Health Inspired Dentistry’s Invisalign process has made straightening teeth a breeze with comfortable, nearly invisible aligners which can move teeth in many cases quicker than traditional braces. Our patient’s excitement over seeing the progression of their new smile has them feeling more confident than ever and with an improved sense of health and wellbeing. Invisalign has increased in popularity for all ages whether you’re a teen or adult.

Whitening Bonus. With all Invisalign cases we add in complementary tooth whitening to be used right in your aligners so you have whiter, brighter, teeth while straightening your teeth too! Contact us to get started!

What is the Invisalign treatment process?

First, we start with a personal consultation to evaluate your smile and discuss your treatment goals.

Then we will follow with a painless digital scan of your teeth which will be used to map out a plan for your treatment to achieve your smile transformation.

Once Dr. Minadeo-Fox approves your customized plan, a series of aligners will be generated to strategically move your teeth to their optimal positions.

Each set of aligners will be worn for 20-22 hours a day and changed every 1 to 2 weeks as directed.

Your smile transformation begins as the aligners gently and comfortably shift your teeth into place until you reach your beautiful new smile.

What are the benefits of Invisalign tooth aligners?

  1. Face to Face doctor care. Dr. Minadeo-Fox will map out your new smile with a customized treatment plan that is right for YOU!
  2. No more messy impressions. With our new technology, the Itero scanner, we are able to capture an accurate picture of your teeth comfortably without gag-inducing impression material.
  3. Easy to remove and “Smart Track” technology. Patented only by Invisalign, these aligners’ Smart Track technology means they are easy to take on and off and move teeth more accurately and faster than other clear aligner therapy on the market.
  4. No limitations as to the foods you can eat. As opposed to traditional braces you don’t have to stop eating corn on the cob, crusty breads, popcorn and many of your favorite foods. By removing your clear aligners before meals, you can continue to eat and drink foods you love.
  5. Easier hygiene.  Simply remove your aligners and maintain your teeth with your normal routine of brushing and flossing. Braces with brackets and wires, on the other hand, easily accumulate plaque, which could lead to cavities and gum disease!
  6. Fewer appointments. No changing wires or emergencies re-bonding loose brackets. More conveniently, several aligners are dispensed at once and short progress checks are scheduled every 6-12 weeks.
  7. Continue enjoying daily activities and sports. Liners could be removed at any-time for special events and for sports.  When playing sports, remove aligners and place a sports mouth guard to optimally protect your teeth from injury, as opposed to the cuts and bruises that can result from sharp brackets.
  8. Comfort. Not only is Invisalign virtually invisible, but also is more comfortable to wear. Our own receptionist wears Invisalign and speaks daily on the phone with our patients with no slurs or complications. Braces on the other hand can cause some facial distortions and rub against the cheeks and lips.
  9. Whitening Bonus. With all Invisalign cases we add in complementary tooth whitening to be used right in your aligners so you have whiter, brighter, teeth while straightening your teeth too!
  10. Cost. We make Invisalign affordable for YOU! Treatment costs vary and are often more affordable than conventions braces.  Consultation with our treatment coordinator will help you fit Invisalign into your lifestyle. Convenient payment plans let you get the smile you always wanted and deserve.

Why Invisalign with Health Inspired Dentistry?

  • Our Invisalign experience has been ranked #1 with our patients, always comfortable and pain free!
  • Results! Our patient outcomes are beautiful! We’re not done till the doc and you say were done☺
  • Our Invisalign patients, join us to be a permanent part of our dental family after they experience our unique holistic patient care and how our attention to detail is always our top priority.
  • Our fees will save you $ over other providers.
  • Free Whitening! Straighter and whiter teeth go together☺
  • We have been trained by one of the top providers and coaches of Invisalign in the world which enables us to take on even the very difficult smile makeovers. 
  • Average treatment times in as little as 5-12 months!
  • Getting started is easy and within a few minutes of your complimentary consultation we could tell you if you’re a candidate.

Invisalign testimonial from a few of Health Inspired Dentistry’s latest patients

INVISALIGN: “It was easy…a super simple process!”
Indigo | Cleveland, Ohio

“My expectations were met and exceeded”
Ellen | Cleveland, Ohio

“My experience was amazing- thru the roof!”
Tracy | Cleveland, Ohio

“6 months later, I’m really happy with the outcome!”
Karen | Cleveland, Ohio

“I’m just ecstatic about how fantastic Invisalign has worked!”
Beth | Cleveland, Ohio

“It was only 6 months! It super easy!”
Julianne | Willowick, Ohio

“They treat me like family here, and I always look forward to coming to my appointments”
John | Cleveland, OH

“It was effortless, fast and no pain!”
Maryann | Highland Heights, OH

“It felt like I was wearing nothing. No one knew I had braces. I didn’t have to be embarrassed because of my age.”
Janice | Mayfield Heights, OH

“It totally realigned my teeth. It restructured them!”
Phylicia | Lyndhurst, Ohio

“I finally got my teeth straightened the way I wanted!”
Leah | Cleveland, Ohio

“It was quick & easy – I’m overly happy!”
Kayla | Lakewood, Ohio

“I couldn’t be more pleased!”
Cheryl | Richmond Heights, Ohio

 If you want more confidence, a beautiful smile, healthier teeth and with a safe and affordable solution

Invisalign Invisible braces at Health INspired Dentistry, Cleveland, Ohio

Invisalign is a great solution for adults and teens alike and has a positive relationship to your overall health. 

Are you ready to set up a consultation?  Contact us today!

Our patients love their clear aligners and we think you will too!

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