How to whiten your teeth safely at Health Inspired Dentistry

A person’s smile is the first thing people notice when meeting someone!

Billions of dollars are spent each year to cosmetically whiten teeth. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the Greater Cleveland area today.  6 out of 10 people believe a whiter brighter smile would boost their self-confidence, make them appear more youthful and improve their appearance.  Professional and safe teeth whitening at our Health Inspired Dentistry office has many of patients agreeing ☺.

Just as each of us are different, so are the shades of our teeth.  Our daily activities, habits, genetics and age can all influence the shade and coloration of our teeth. 

First, let’s talk about how to simply keep our teeth and smile as brilliant as possible and then we will talk about how to whiten our teeth safely.

Both go hand in hand because after your personalized dental tooth whitening treatment we can prevent future staining and maintain the longevity of your whiter, brighter more radiant smile!!!!

8 ways to keep a whiter brighter smile

  • Keep to your 2x per year dental cleaning appointments for and polishing to remove stains and keep teeth brighter and also prevent tooth decay.
  • Avoid certain foods or drinks that will stain teeth. The rule of thumb is that anything that stains a white shirt will stain your teeth. For instance, red wine, dark colored sauces, tea, coffee, soda and berries especially when baked. Drink dark drinks through a straw.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking is one of the number one causes of deep and dark discolorations of the teeth and is unhealthy for our whole- body health. Ask us about our smoking cessation program! What a great motivation for whiter looking teeth.
  • Don’t let young children swallow toothpaste with fluoride. Young children’s permanent teeth are suspectable to a yellow and brown discoloration, called “mottling” if they swallow too much fluoride toothpaste while their permanent teeth are developing. 
  • Improve oral hygiene. Brush and Floss to keep the teeth plaque and tartar free. Plaque can cause the teeth to look yellow and tartar looks brown and yellow; if they sit on the teeth for an extended period of time they can cause tooth decay >>>> brown teeth!
  • Finish your meal off with a piece of fruit such as an apple, celery or broccoli. Not only will they help to clean off surface plaque, but celery and broccoli leave the mouth in an alkaline state to help prevent tooth decay.
  • Try chewing a gum with xylitol after meals especially if you unable to brush.  Xylitol will neutralize the acids in your mouth and prevents a sticky surface from forming on the teeth where staining and plaque can adhere and accumulate. 
  • Rinse your mouth with water after liquid vitamins, medications and coffee to lessen the stain from them on your teeth due to their dark discoloration.

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Even with our best efforts to keep a whiter brighter smile, genetics, aging and repetitive habits along with today’s standards of whiter, brighter teeth influence our need for an improved more youthful smile. So, when you’re looking for “teeth whitening near me”, we’d like you to find your way to our office!

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