6 ways the power of Ozone therapy is benefitting our patients

Ozone Therapy offers anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral agents as an alternative without the toxic side-effects of antibiotics. As preventative therapy, Ozone Therapy can protect you from contracting an illness that could eventually require antibiotics.

For more details on what Ozone is and how it works, see our article on What is Ozone Therapy?

How Health Inspired Dentistry administers Ozone therapy

Our office produces ozone through a medical grade generator, which produces ozone in the form of a liquid or gas. Our generator allows us to produce contaminant free pure ozone in precise concentrations to treat the head and neck, teeth and associated structures. Ozone is safe and effective and no toxic by products are produced, only oxygen and water.

Ozone has no associated medical complications, therefore all patients regardless of health and age can benefit by treatment with Ozone.  Ozone is an effective adjunct to combat bacteria and infection especially where it has been difficult to manage them due to increase resistance to other medications. Ozone therapy is an ideal and safe way to maintain a healthier mouth and healthier body too!

Here are 6 ways we put the power of Ozone to use in our dental practice

1. Cavities

Ozone gas can be used to treat cavities. It can be applied to deep grooves and the sides of teeth to kill bacteria on contact. It then promotes re-calcification of the tooth structure increasing its strength. If a cavity develops and needs a restoration the tooth can be sterilized killing any remaining bacteria before it is filled.

2. Gum disease

Combined application of ozone gas, water and oil are ideal for fighting and treating the bacterial that cause gum disease. Application of these Ozone modalities to the infected gum tissue and pockets kill bacteria and promote healing of the tissues.

3. Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a routine therapy to treat an infection within the pulp of the tooth. Ozonated water and gas can be used during the root canal procedure to kill existing bacteria and sterilize root canal tubules and fine accessory canals. In gas form, ozone can reach into the places that other techniques and products cannot. This insures long-term success of treatment.

4. Cosmetic dentistry

Ozone makes teeth whitening faster and more effective along with decreasing sensitivity

5. Sensitivity

Ozone is a great solution for teeth that have become overly sensitive due to receding gums and weakened worn down tooth structure. Ozone gas can desensitize and close off pores on the tooth’s surface that transmit hot and cold temperatures.

6. Boost Immunity and fight pathogens (through ear and nasal insufflation)

Ozone is effective for treating and preventing infections from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus.

It boosts the immune system by increasing oxygenation to the tissues and cells that need it the most and therefore speeds healing and decreases inflammation. Ozone can also be beneficial for frequent travelers who are faced with poor sleep patterns, recycled air in planes and hectic schedules that could make them susceptible to illness. Before and after traveling and during other times of susceptibility such as cold and flu season consider boosting immunity with ozone.

Health Inspired Dentistry’s Ozone therapy is an important part of our holistic dental practice

Ozone therapy is a cost-effective and convenient means of receiving the above benefits and can be administered in the office while receiving other procedures such as teeth whitening or cleanings.

Conveniently located in Cleveland east side suburb Highland Heights. Health Inspired Dentistry is one of Cleveland’s favorite locations to receive Ozone therapy. See our 5 star reviews to help you decide. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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