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How to whiten your teeth safely 07-08-20

……in guidance with your dentist, Claudia Minadeo-Fox, at Health Inspired dentistry

Who doesn’t want to have a whiter brighter smile? Dental whitening procedures fit within almost any budget and are the solution to achieve whiter brighter teeth.

At Health Inspired Dentistry your health and safety are our priority and we have a number of safe tooth whitening methods to achieve whiter teeth. At our whole health dental practice our experience, knowledge and up to date techniques repeatedly provide our patients with great results: meaning brilliantly white teeth with minimal to no tooth sensitivity!

First, we recommend that you have any extrinsic stains removed with a thorough professional dental cleaning and then an evaluation to discern the health of the teeth and enamel. We offer 4 systems that offer immediate results with fast and comfortable delivery.

  • 1 hour In-Office whitening: “BOOST”
    “BOOST” whitening uses a high concentration of Hydrogen peroxide gel that when applied to the teeth absorbs and whitens the teeth from the inside-out. “Boost” has proved to be the most effective in-office whitening procedure available today and surpasses Zoom. This is often our first recommendation and also our patients first choice since the results are instantaneous. It is a great system for those who are not committed to following through with an at home protocol. On average, 3 applications are needed to get your teeth the whitest shade they will attain.
  • Custom trays: “Take home trays”
    With this system impressions are taken of your teeth to make custom trays that fit perfectly to your teeth. Whitening gel syringes are then dispensed to fill the trays which are worn during the day or night while you sleep. The peroxide enters the teeth the same as the other professional whitening systems and also whitens your teeth from the inside-out. One advantage of the trays is that refill gel could be purchased for touch up and trays reused if needed at a later date. Patient compliance is a must to achieve the whitening desired. Usually this at home system requires you to whiten every day for 10 days to 2 weeks. Some patients use the “boost” to jump start an at home whitening procedure.
  • Opalescence “Go” whitening trays
    To “Go” whitening trays are pre-filled trays that are adapted to the teeth and deliver high grade hydrogen peroxide gel. Wear time is typically for 30-60 minutes or 15-20 minutes depending on the hydrogen peroxide concentration for 5-10 days. Since these trays are not customized the cost for the “Go” Method are very reasonable. Patient compliance is also a must to achieve the desired whitening.
  • Whitening pens:
    These pens are great for quick whitening before a special event or
    to maintain tooth whitening after having a glass of red wine or daily cups of Starbucks. These pens are convenient since they can be carried in your purse or pocket and used anywhere or anytime. Paint the pen brush whitening gel onto the front of the teeth for 30 seconds, retracting your lips off your teeth letting it dry.

At our practice we evaluate every patient’s individualized needs. We are always aiming for a natural look for your pearly whites which often matches the white of your eyes. As with any whitening systems, your teeth need to be evaluated especially if you have any crowns, bonding or tooth colored fillings as these will not change shade.

Following the treatment, whitening maintenance may be needed depending on your habits and beverages that may stain your teeth and can vary from 6-12 months or more. Also, check out our “How to whiten your teeth safely” article for home tips, AND a very special offer!

Contact us today for your professional tooth whitening consultation , we want to make you smile today!