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8 tips for Keeping Healthy this Winter Season 12-10-18

Boosting your immune system is top priority during the winter season. Added stress from the holidays, cold weather and loosing an hour of daylight all can take a toll on your immune system.

  1. Get enough sleep. Restful sleep is critical for energy and to fight viruses and other infections. Keep up with a sleep routine and enjoy relaxing night rituals such as reading, meditation, aromatherapy and a warm bath promote calm feelings.
  2. Exercise daily to improve your mood, energy and strengthen your immune system. Outdoor exercises such as walking in the park, skiing, and snowshoeing will burn a lot of calories and make the winter season more enjoyable. The outdoors also exposes you to the sun improving mood and Vitamin D too.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Holiday treats and colder weather often contribute to poor eating habits. Decreased availability of warm weather fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables can throw you for a loop so find new recipes and plan out healthy meals to keep you on track.
  4. Take your supplements. Even if you eat healthy you still need to boost your body’s immune system. Each individual has unique needs to keep optimal health during the cold and virus season and also to fight other disorders and diseases. Vitamin C, Zinc, and Probiotics are just a few necessities.
  5. Avoid direct contact with handshakes, door and cart handles which readily spread germs. Wear gloves or use clothing to open doors and wash your hands well. The transfer of infectious germs happens after you touch infected surfaces then touch your own mucous membranes such as you eyes and mouth.
  6. Ozone therapy can boost your immunity and also can fight bacteria and viruses once they take hold by supporting you body to heal it self at a quicker rate. Our office conveniently offers ozone to accelerate healing and aid in recovery of certain conditions.
  7. Be social, get out of the house or have family or friends over. Keeping up with relationships help with keeping a positive outlook. Which leads us to our next and final tip.
  8. Embrace Hyggae, the Danish Concept. Winter gives us time to slow down and take care of ourselves and usually it’s a slower pace. Hygge is an attitude towards finding joy in everyday moments. In the winter it’s about celebrating coziness, warmth with family and well-being.

Here is a video we love that explains hyggae from Happy Lil Sushi Roll.

What do you do to embrace Hygge?: hot cocoa, a warm cozy sweater or robe, Hallmark movies, game night or cozy time with your pet…. Share your Hygge