Why choose a woman dentist in Cleveland?

Why choose a women dentist? 9-4-18

Why choose a women dentist? One of our patients expresses their view.

Early in my dental career, I remember the day when a male dental patient told me that he would only see a female dentist. A few years later, when he needed to have a root canal retreated by a specialist, he once again reminded me that it must be a “She”. I was quite shocked at the time by his gender bias, until he shared with me more about his preference:

Women have small hands and a gentle touch!

Most women’s hands on average are smaller and lend to reaching into very small spaces such as the oral cavity. Mouths come in different sizes and the dexterity of small hands has a great advantage in dentistry.

Empathy and compassion.

Women’s nurturing qualities reassure and comfort the dental patient. Putting patients at ease, especially those with anxiety, requires patience, understanding and love.

Great listening skills.

As the saying goes, we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Women are great listeners. Listening carefully to patients past experiences, their needs and wants, gives important clues on how to provide better treatment and a pleasant dental experience.

Awesome with children.

Treating the whole family, including very small children, is always a tactful conquest at times, but we know just what buttons to push to get cooperation and a smile. It’s so happens that when you’re great with kids, the adult parents will follow.

Minimal invasive dentistry.

Women’s approach is more conservative in restorative dentistry and also more prevention-focused than their male counterparts, leading to more positive and less expensive outcomes (study confirm).

If you would like to experience small hands, a gentle touch, empathy, compassion, and minimally invasive Dentistry for you and your family, we would love to be your dentist!

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