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Healthy nasal passages create nitric oxide that is toxic to viruses 04-14-20

When healthy, our nasal passages make a molecule called nitric oxide or NO. Nitric oxide is toxic to viruses and can break down the outer barrier around a virus and make it weak.

We do not know much about this particular coronavirus but nitric oxide has been tested and found to be useful in preventing other similar viruses like SARS.

How do we keep our nasal passages making nitric oxide to protect us?

Some doctors recommend using a saline solution to keep the mucus flowing and nasal passages clear. Saline often works temporarily but it can dry up the tissue fast.

Xylitol nasal spray is a great solution for keeping our nasal passages clean and clear.

Xylitol isn’t absorbed into the tissue but it keeps the tissue hydrated and even attracts moisture to itself. The hydration flushes the mucus build up and any bacteria or virus that we contract through our nose and sinuses. The mucus and potential virus can then continue flowing through our tissues all the way to the stomach to be eliminated as waste.

When the nasal passages are clean and clear they can properly build up nitric oxide to protect our bodies. This helps to break down any bacteria or virus that we are exposed to.

Xylitol nasal spray is important to use daily for nasal hygiene.

There are other kinds of xylitol nasal sprays that can be used for people who have chronic allergies or only used during allergy season.

Xylitol nasal spray can be purchased from your local health conscious food stores or online. Xylitol is a safer alternative to medications or over the counter allergy pills that actually stop mucus flow. The goal is to keep the mucus flowing out of the body and promote clean nasal passages which will keep you healthier and ready to fight an intruding virus.

Proper nasal hygiene can be as beneficial as proper dental hygiene when it comes to your daily health.