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For the Health Professional, Part 1: The truth about the toxicity of amalgam (silver) fillings 11-01-20

For the Health Professional, Part 1:
The truth about the toxicity of amalgam (silver) fillings

The communication gap between the dental and medical communities began over 150 years ago when dentistry split from medicine, and sadly continues today. The result of this gap is that most patients and health professionals are unaware of the effects that oral health issues, particularly chronic mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings, gum disease, and other oral problems can have on overall health.

Vital and necessary information regarding this is not being shared between the two professions and your patients are the ones who suffer. To not include the patient’s oral health status when examining and evaluating the patient’s health condition effectively prevents you from practicing whole-body medicine and achieving the results you seek.

Most people and even many health practitioners, traditional and alternative, don’t fully understand how toxic the mercury released from mercury amalgam silver fillings is and how hazardous chronic mercury poisoning is to one’s health. This is a major reason for some patients with amalgams want them safely removed.


The impact of oral health issues on overall health

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Chronic Mercury Poisoning: What You Need to Know

As a health practitioner, I know you’d be concerned if you knew a patient was suffering from chronic mercury poisoning. It wouldn’t make a difference whether the source of mercury exposure was occupational, environmental, or mercury amalgam (silver) dental fillings. Given that information, I know you would want to determine the extent of the poisoning and initiate steps to eliminate its source and to effectively and safely remove the mercury that has accumulated.

Most health professionals are aware that certain seafood is a source of mercury. But did you know that mercury amalgam fillings are the number one source of mercury exposure, far greater than any other source, including seafood and the environment?

The symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning are many and the health problems mercury can directly, or indirectly, cause, contribute to or make worse, is extensive.

Silver Amalgam Fillings: A Major Source of Chronic Mercury Poisoning

The most damaging oral health issue that affects overall health is chronic mercury poisoning resulting from the release of mercury vapor from amalgam (silver) fillings.  Mercury poisoning can directly produce many health risks, but can also be devastating to the immune system and the secondary (indirect) effects of chronic mercury poisoning on the immune system can, over time, be even more destructive to one’s health than its direct effects.

Video Proving Mercury Vapor is Released from Amalgam Fillings

Tom McGuire, DDS’ video, Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth clearly demonstrates how much mercury vapor is released from amalgam fillings by a common form of filling stimulation – tooth brushing.

As you’ll see in the video, brushing a medium sized amalgam filling releases more mercury vapor than governmental regulatory agencies allow at the workplace.  The video also compares the amount of mercury vapor released to other forms of stimulation –  by the patient and at the dental office – and what you can do about it.

Many scientific studies prove this, but to actually see how much mercury vapor is released from an amalgam filling by an EPA approved mercury vapor analyzer is staggering. We encourage you to share the video with your colleagues or a dentist you’d like to help educate about this subject.

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