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What to pack in your child's school lunch for the nutritional punch Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nutrition is especially important for young children to power the body and the brain! We’re often searching for good and easy “brown bagging it” ideas that are nutritious, delicious and fun for our kid’s school lunches.

Send your kids off this school year with these lunch ideas that will fuel their brains, boost their performance, decrease stress and possibly increase their IQ tool.

Try these Healthy Lunch Ideas:

  • Update the classic sandwich with whole-wheat pita bread or a whole grain wrap. Stuff it with lean beef, turkey or vegetables with cheese. Add a little spinach for iron and other vitamins and minerals.
  • For a super tasty wrap try peanut butter with bananas.
  • Opt for a piece of healthy fruit for a good source of Vitamin C for energy.
  • Apples, oranges (its polyphenols reduce stress), kiwi and pineapple are great choices.
  • Beans or chickpeas are a great way to get protein and fiber. Season these with a little vinegar, olive oil & spices to make them especially tasty! Or try hard-boiled eggs.

Add these tasty snacks in the school lunch or as an after school treat:

  • Celery or an apple with natural almond butter
  • String cheese with whole wheat crackers
  • Flavored rice cakes, popcoren or unsweetened cereal
  • Yogurt, the low-fat low-sugar variety, which is a great source of protein and good for the gut and digestion too!
  • Nuts and seeds for heart healthy benefits
  • Blueberries and strawberries for antioxidants, visual acuity and brain function
  • Chopped carrots, grape tomatoes and zucchini sticks served with hummus
  • Cottage cheese with fruit

Lastly for drinks: stick with naturally flavored water, unsweetened tea, low fat or skim milk. And remember a great start to each day is through a healthy breakfast!

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These lunch ideas can also meet your adult nutritional needs too!