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Thank You For Attending Our Say Ahh Event Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dr. Minadeo-Fox and Team THANK YOU for your support and making the viewing of our Say Ahh documentary at the Atlas theatre in Mayfield Heights. It was an amazing success! With a near full capacity theatre, our guests were truly moved by the powerful message and connections made in the movie. The feedback has been astounding and many asked when will we be showing another movie of this sort! Thank you for your endless excitement. It could not have been such a success without you!

Our guests had these comments:

“The film was not good, it was EXTRAORDINARY, I even stayed for the credits”.

“I learned so much from the movie and even took notes. My action plan is to turn my mouth around”!

“We were very moved by the message of the movie”.

“It really made me take a second look on what’s really important, my health and oral health…I will be refocusing my priorities”.

“The film was so informative … I really had no idea about the connection to infertility. I wish I would have known, it may have helped”!

“This film should be shown to young adults in schools. The information they can take away will be beneficial for life!”

We want to especially thank those of you who brought guests in support of our vision to spread the word about the intimate connection between your oral health and overall health in order to get 20,000 patients healthier by the year 2020 in Northeast Ohio.

In closing, we have had inquires if copies will be available for home viewing and, yes, they are available. Please contact the office at 440-446-9417.

Our excitement continues as you join us in sharing the message to help improve the health of our community!


Dr. Claudia Minadeo-Fox and the Health Inspired Dentistry Team