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New Year New YOU????? 12-31-19

This is always the subject for content in the New Year. What does the phrase really mean? Perhaps this phrase is a little extreme.  Is a New You really necessary? In reality, it’s a time to assess You.  Be gentle with yourself, give yourself compliments. You are great, you are awesome, and you have so much to contribute. Introspect, pause, and evaluate all those positive attributes that make you, You! Sure, you may have you gotten into some bad habits over the past year and maybe have not spent enough time caring about Numero Uno (which never seems to be you), but now take the time to assess and take action. “What do I need to do to get back on track, before I get out of whack?” More than often we compromise our health and self-care as we generously put others first.  Are we getting enough sleep, exercise, meditation? Are we taking care of our body and our skin? Our insides and outsides?

By doing so, we can then shine again in the New Year and take on another year with a well-stocked fuel tank; a refill is necessary and essential for you to carry on and be at your awesome BEST!

How does our oral wellness fit into this?  Feeling great about our body starts with our mouth. This is where we express our words, smile that wonderful smile on greeting others, take in the food that nourishes our body and kiss to show affection.  How well have we been taking care of our oral health? Maintained it? Ignored it?  Have you followed the recommendations of your knowledgeable dental team to keep it well? Those that experience great new founded oral health realize what a gift it is to be free of decay, cavities, discomfort, and also be free of the fear that plays in the back of their mind that keeps them away too. Oral health often is pushed under the carpet and regarded as secondary. In reality, it influences so much of our bodily health. Often time it’s not respected but neglected, and when it’s lost, the regret is more than we can chew (no pun intended). Start today and claim you overall wellness starting with your oral health!