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Say Ahh to Massage! Thursday, 12 January 2017

From the moment you enter, the aromatherapy of fresh lavender fills the senses, calming music entices the ears, and the welcoming, nurturing environment transforms the dreaded dental experience to one of calming pleasure as I am offered massage.

The benefits of massage

Am I at the dental office? Yes, Oh Yes! Today, like no other, our lives consist of running from one destination to the next whether it is picking up the kids on time, running to the soccer game from work or being stuck in traffic for an hour, our life can be full of anxiety….the American way. This lifestyle, leads to body aches, headaches, tooth grinding and general stress that leads to poor overall health.

We offer massage at Health Inspired Dentistry so patients experience comfort and relaxation before their dental treatment as well as an overall benefit for full body health. Massage provides a sense of well being, reduces heart rate, strengthens the immune system, reduces fatigue, increases energy, and can even be effective in weight loss!

Our focus is to make patients comfortable and provide quality dentistry. The relaxed dental patient is the best dental patient. Massage therapy is really a fun way to practice dentistry; not only are we improving our patients lifestyles, but our patients are coming more often and improving their oral health too!

By Claudia Minadeo-Fox, D.D.S.