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Creating the Non-Dental Office Experience for Northeast Ohio 07-30-20

Claudia Minadeo-Fox D.D.S. | Health Inspired Dentistry, Highland Heights, OHDr. Claudia Minadeo-Fox

As a dental student, I always had visions of being a different kind of dentist and bringing a different kind of dental office to Northeast Ohio.  Picture in your mind what you imagine the traditional dentist to look like and dental office experience to be.  Now throw that out and blow it up (with all respect) and replace that picture with what you would love to see in a dental office.

First of all, from way back in high school I embraced my own way of dressing. I always believed in the mantra “dress for success” and I definitely add my own edgy professional vibe. Scrubs? out of the question as a daily go to in apparel… Boring and no creativity.

Health Inspired Dentistry's office in Cleveland, OhioThe clothes aren’t the entire picture, but the greeting, the welcome, the cheerful smile and happiness in the air is always the theme of the day. The décor need not warrant white walls and the cold, sterile appearance of dental offices past, but instead bright rooms with colors and music that instantly relax you with the scents of lavender and citrus that welcome patients of all ages.  Most of all, a well-trained team that makes you feel like a long lost relative providing you with caring hugs and loving support through patient care.

We also practice something different.  Along with professionalism and excellence, patient care is always linked to something greater… our body as a whole.

Holistic dental cleaning at Health Insoired Dentistry, Highland Heights, OHWe know patients need extra support; therefore we have experts who can support those connections to oral health nutritionally and physically. Non-negotiable is our personal attention, personal care, and empathy with each individual patient.

Thanks to our patients and team, our Health Inspired Dentistry practice has turned out to be everything I have envisioned and more.

You may not know what your missing until you experienced the difference!

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