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Falling into Healthy Habits Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The change of seasons seems to renew our awareness both in our environment and in ourselves

The crisp fall mornings remind us that the summer has passed and the holidays are just around the corner. Breaking out our fall wardrobe, we are reminded that the need to take care of ourselves is a necessity. So why is that creating these healthy habits doesn’t seem nearly as fun as picking out a new fall outfit?

It’s because we see it as a chore rather than fun

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Can we take this awareness into the holiday season by creating one habit that lends to our health? What if it was so effortlessly easy (and maybe even fun) that it could stick around for a lifetime?

The inherent challenge is that we usually pick the most important and typically the hardest habit to “break”. I’d like to suggest that we add new habit that we love the idea of. Then trade it for one we don’t. IN other words, add a habit you could live with for a lifetime. Then take out one that you could do without if only for a little while. Falling into a new habit and like the seasons go, easing out of one that doesn’t really serve you anyway. The habit could be anything relating to mind body or spirit.

In our office, we offered all our kids money in exchange for their Halloween candy. The goodies will all be sent to our soldiers in the field. I offered my children nightly massages in exchange for giving up TV at night. They replaced the morning toast and jelly for a healthy smoothie or drinking a gallon of water a day and keeping sweet beverages at bay!

It could be as easy as flossing more often in exchange for healthier gums fewer cavities. How will you fall in to fall? I hope by giving yourself permission to take care of you! Treat yourself to a new habit. If you like the idea, reward yourself to a massage. During November, if you purchase a massage and give up an unhealthy habit, your name will be entered into a drawing for a free massage.

It is in your power to achieve good health!